Full Service Property Management and Integrated Facility Management Services


Bundling the services for ease of occupancy and high yielding investment, CPMI has created subsidiary teams to complement the core business of the Company. Its approach on the services is preventive rather than corrective, having in mind the benefits of:

  Safety of Lives and Properties

  Prolonged Life of Equipment

  Environment-friendly and Efficient Operations and Maintenance

  Cost Effectiveness and Savings

  Compliance with Related Government Mandates

  Security & Safety

  Security Audits

  Safety Audits

  Fire Fighting Seminars and Drills Predicated on the Fire Code of the Philippines

  Security & Safety Incident Management

  Finance and Accounting

  General Administration

  Frontline and Concierge

  Housekeeping and Custodial Services

  Office Support

  Reportorial Management

  Property Warehousing

  Centralized Procurement Service

  Gardening and Landscaping

  Parking Management

  Renovations, Alternations and Improvement


 - Improving Business Performance Through ISO 9001:2015

To meet the requirements and improve customer satisfaction,
CPMI is currently undergoing accreditation for the latest Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.
While in the process, CPMI has introduced its procedure to the Organization.
We intend to implement the new management infrastructure to our valued managed projects.

     Combination of homegrown experience, local knowledge and international exposure in property and facility management. 

The first independent property and facility management company to introduce international standards to the local market.